Aphty Khea

Postmodern Trip Hop

The Peacebloom explodes against the night sky and swirling clouds illuminate the aforementioned starship as her form glides down. As it hits the earth, pine trees violently shiver, cracked doors open and a graceful humanoid calmly descends the platform of her ruined ship. 

 Welcome Aphty Khea, starlet and star destroyer all in one.

 Presenting herself as an invented creature rather than an artist in the traditional sense, Khea is a sonic healer and has travelled to us from a parallel galaxy, the offspring of a sonic deity and a chameleon humanoid. Consistently stunning her earthbound audi- ences into blissful meditation with her mesmerising live shows, Khea is fast earning herself a meteoric reputation as a live performer.

 While on a daring quest of self enlightenment, this cosmic character stumbles upon Earth, and as an outsider looking in, attempts to breathe life into a seemingly withering existence, one poisoned by our close in range perspective and destructive view of our taken for granted ‘Host’. 

Hypnotic, intense and beautifully iridescent, these songs of the Khea being will soak
into your mind until you, too, are repeating her mantras.

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Pas De Trai Music Festival

  • Pas De Trai Music Festival Contrada Passo dei Tre 289km San Fratello Sicily (map)

Aphty Khea Performing on the second day of the festival.
Nestled in the beautiful setting of the park Nebrodi, Pas De Trai is the latest in the world of music festivals in Sicily but is second to none in quality. A melting pot of festival-goers and artists that reflect the most interesting local and international music. The Festival owes its name to the dialect sanfratellana of Step Three, the district where it is located. A paradise to explore with their senses, tracing the paths and relishing the flavors and smells. 

Earlier Event: August 22
Lion Aid Concert
Later Event: September 5
The Vet Festival 2015

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